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These spiritual window-shoppers

These spiritual window-shoppers

by Rumi

These spiritual window-shoppers
These spiritual window-shoppers,
who idly ask, ‘How much is that?’ Oh, I’m just looking.
They handle a hundred items and put them down,
shadows with no capital.

What is spent is love and two eyes wet with weeping.
But these walk into a shop,
and their whole lives pass suddenly in that moment,
in that shop.

Where did you go? “Nowhere.”
What did you have to eat? “Nothing much.”

Even if you don’t know what you want,
buy something, to be part of the exchanging flow.

Start a huge, foolish project,
like Noah.

It makes absolutely no difference
what people think of you.

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E-Prime (short for English-Prime) … is a version of the English language that excludes all forms of the verb to be, including all conjugations, contractions and archaic forms. Some scholars advocate using E-Prime as a device to clarify thinking and strengthen writing. For example, the sentence ‘the film was good’ could not be expressed under the rules of E-Prime, and the speaker might instead say ‘I liked the film’, ‘the film made me laugh’, or ‘the film has value’. The E-Prime versions communicate the writer’s experience rather than judgment, making it harder for the writer or reader to confuse opinion with fact. Kellogg and Bourland describe misuse of the verb to be as creating a ‘deity mode of speech’, allowing ‘even the most ignorant to transform their opinions magically into god-like pronouncements on the nature of things’

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-Prime

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God is not something we receive

God is not something we receive. Truth is received. Grace is received. God is something we create to explain these great bestowings. It is the illusion of self that creates the illusion of giving and receiving. And it is the illusion of receiving that creates god. This illusion is the greatest work of art, and it is ours to create. As long as we know this, we will be at peace.

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God is an infinite point

God is an infinite point between good and evil, an asymptote that exists across all dimensions of experience, at the inflection point between opposites. Or something like that.