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E-Prime (short for English-Prime) … is a version of the English language that excludes all forms of the verb to be, including all conjugations, contractions and archaic forms. Some scholars advocate using E-Prime as a device to clarify thinking and strengthen writing. For example, the sentence ‘the film was good’ could not be expressed under the rules of E-Prime, and the speaker might instead say ‘I liked the film’, ‘the film made me laugh’, or ‘the film has value’. The E-Prime versions communicate the writer’s experience rather than judgment, making it harder for the writer or reader to confuse opinion with fact. Kellogg and Bourland describe misuse of the verb to be as creating a ‘deity mode of speech’, allowing ‘even the most ignorant to transform their opinions magically into god-like pronouncements on the nature of things’

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-Prime

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing Metaphor

“While regular computers store and manipulate data by representing binary ones and zeroes, a quantum computer uses quantum bits or “qubits,” exploiting quantum phenomena to represent data in more than one state at once. This makes it possible to compute information in a fundamentally different way, and to perform some parallel calculations in the same time it would take to perform a single one.” (source)

Compare to thinking logically vs thinking intuitively – similar relationship. Logical thinking requires following each possibility to its conclusion, where intuitive thinking allows thinking on multiple levels at once. Maybe this shift in computing will coincide with (or inspire) a shift in human thinking.

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Sobriety is a myth

Sobriety is a myth. There’s no such thing as an altered state of consciousness. Every state of conscious is an altered state. It’s altered from the previous state.

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Ideas are feelings

Ideas are feelings

Understanding has nuance, texture
Understanding is painted onto our hearts by an invisible brush
Sometimes it’s like a ray of sunshine doing a little dance in your chest